Protect your organisation from cyberattacks

OwlyShield revolutionizes the cybersecurity landscape by seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence and low-level Systems Engineering to ensure businesses operate in a secure and threat-free digital environment.

OwlyShield is a range of defensive CyberSecurity products based on specialist Web Crawling and advanced Application Behavioural Analytics.
Cyber attacks

The attack lifecycle

Successful attacks require multiple steps.

identify vulnerability in the target infrastructure


Use the vulnerability to gain privileged access.


Deploy persistent malicious payload using privileged access.

Command & Control

With malware installed, attackers now own both sides of the connection.

Action & Exfiltration

Attackers goal: data exfiltration, destruction and extortion.

This is why we developed two specific solutions


OwlyScan trawls the web for compromizing information about the target and warns the potential victim before the attack

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OwlyDetect uses machine learning models to identify malicious activities quickly, monitoring application metrics and activity for any unusual behaviours.

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Cyber attacks are on the increase as the following figures show.
UK businesses
44% of UK businesses surveyed said they had been hit with ransomware in the past year.
77% of suspected root causes for intrusions came from phishing, vulnerability exploit, and brute force attacks.
MTR in days
Mean Time to Identify can reach over 200 days and Mean Time to Contain over 70 days, that’s 9 months between the intrusion and the solution.
Ransom Payment
Cyber hacking is big business with the average ransom payment doubling from $812,380 in 2022 to $1.5mn in 2023.
Source: Sophos’s State of Ransomware 2023 report

"Consultants from around 10 countries connect to our infrastructure with privileged accounts every day. Losing our IT would cost us 3.5 million euros every other day"

One of our Client, Global Head of IT
Our products are used by a wide variety of clients.
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